postheadericon Trends within catering & events – How do you implement them?

There are many trends within the catering and events industry. But what are those trends? What do they keep? And most importantly, how can I apply them within my company? Are these questions familiar?

As per the famous Singapore corporate catering services tasty and good food is no longer special. It is about the whole experience around it. It is no longer about what the customer thinks about a company or a brand, but about what the customer feels. Where product and price respond to the rational, the experience shoots at the heart of the emotion. In the future, it is the customer experience that distinguishes a company from the rest. Food Inspiration has an edition on this. Check the sub trends and examples below!

  • Experience from A to Z
  • Food Perfume
  • Materials and decoration are certainly part of the experience
  • Pairing cocktails and canapés
  • Signature cocktail

The experience must be right from A to Z. Instead of serving from coffee cans, let the coffee burn and ground on location. Instead of buffets, the guests look for live cooking. The rooms also have to be correct, neat and in theme. The guests see everything from parking to the toilet. If something is not right here, then the experience is damaged.

So how do you ensure this? Motivate employees to find these components just as important – from sales to operations. Encourage discussions about how to achieve this.

Making bridal bouquet with help of a professional

Flowers in your bouquet will help bring the image to perfection. Such flowers as lilies of the valley, chamomile, family rose and other plants with small flowers can soften excessive severity in the image. Add an image of romance, youthful fervor, femininity. Such flowers as callas, lilies, red roses, irises, gerberas and orchids – It make the image laconic, strict, elegant.

The good florist in Singaporecan combine two wedding decor elements – and create a bouquet-bag. On the spherical frame attached to the medium-sized white flowers and it seems that the bride in her hands laced reticule, which also exudes a delicate aroma.

This idea – to create a color similarity of other accessories – you can develop, and then you get an extraordinarily spectacular flower coupling. Or, if the bouquet is chosen in a fairly traditional form, you can supplement it with a thin floral bracelet.

From pink petals, designers-florists are able to “bake” a bouquet of cake or even a cake, which, of course, will taste sweet tooth.The choice of the form and style of the bouquet is a pleasant prerogative of the bride herself, and the matter of the specialists is to show the richness of the possibilities of modern floristry.

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